Gelli Arts Feather Printing Kit, 19 x 16.5 x 11.5 cm, Multi-Colour




  • ALL IN ONE DIY CRAFT PRINTING KIT. Don’t spend money and time trying to put together everything you need to create amazing works of heART. This Gelli Arts kit has it all!! A 5” x 5” Gel Printing Plate, Set of (6) Acrylic Paint Pots, 4” Roller, 8 White Feathers, 3-sided mini Texture Comb, 12 pcs. of 5” x 5” Parchment Paper, 3 Design Elements, easy to follow instructions and a convenient storage box to keep your kit neat and organized.
  • INCLUDED IN THIS KIT IS THE SECRET EXPERIENCED CRAFTERS ALL KNOW. It’s the thing – one element – that turns a beautiful project into that project that everyone stands in awe at. It’s the answer to “what’s missing?” Printed Feathers! A feather added to a finely wrapped gift, to a hand-stamped card, or to a floral arrangement is the seemingly elusive answer to every crafter’s dilemma of “What’s missing?” Now that you know, isn’t it time to create? Key Product Features
  • DOES FINDING A FEATHER MAKE YOU SMILE? Many are drawn to the delicacy, beauty and randomness of feathers. Others love the joy they feel when they un-expectantly find one. Gelli Arts has discovered a way to harness the beauty and joy of feathers in this all-inclusive feather printing kit. Guided by the easy-to-follow instructions and a desire to have fun you can infuse your individualism into the thing you love – feathers. From there – the sky is the limit!
  • 1,001 USES FOR BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS. Affix a bobble to a layer of feathers & voila you have a beautiful broach, give an old hat new life, adhere to a pair of dress shoes. – Make your hipster look complete by putting them in your hair – add the wow factor to your dream catcher by using colorful printed feathers. – Add the finishing touches to a holiday centerpiece or decoration. These are only a few of our ideas, we want to hear how you use your Gelli Arts printed feather.
  • – Made in the USA – Non-Toxic – Latex Free – Silicone Free – No Animal By-Products


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