Agriculture 10 Fine with Garlic Premium Mineral Salt


Flavor Garlic
Package Dimensions 12 x 8 x 4 inches; 5 Pounds
Package Weight 5 Pounds


  • Essential Trace Minerals: The foundation of all Redmond Minerals mixes lies in our Jurassic Era mineral deposit in central Utah. This ancient, deep sea salt deposit contains over 60 trace minerals, perfectly balanced by nature. Our expansive mineral profile offers health boosting benefits for all classes of livestock.
  • Engineered by nature: Mother Nature spent over 200 million years perfecting the mineral balance in our mixes. From this rich foundation, we also offer extra fortifications to supplement any mineral deficiencies you may experience in your local soil, forage, and feed.
  • Preferred by Livestock: Animals tend to turn up their noses at low salt/heavy mineral mixes. Fortunately, Redmond Minerals naturally contains a higher salt to mineral ratio that uses your animals’ instinctual cravings to regulate their mineral intake. When offered a choice, animals go for delicious Redmond Minerals every time!
  • We keep it simple: We know that nature got it right, so why mess with perfection? Our all natural, mineral mixes are OMRI certified organic and contain no synthetic chemicals.
  • Crafted by farmers: Founded by farmers over 50 years ago, Redmond is proud of our roots and legacy of supporting healthy farms the world over. We often hear from customers “our animals just do better on Redmond,” — we are happy to help your farm simplify your mineral program, save money, and improve the health and productivity of your operation.


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